Ice, Ice, and More Ice

The view from my apartment window on Friday morning.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed their time off.  I must say, it was a nice, unexpected break.  I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get back to work.  I missed your kiddos and am looking forward to being back in the classroom! 

I hope your students logged in some time reading during this break.  You may have noticed that your student’s reading ability has started to improve.  This time of the school year you often see huge developmental growth in 1st graders, so it is important to capitalize on it by making sure your student is reading daily.   Just as with any skill the way to get better is to practice.  The more they read the better readers they will become!

Since we missed almost an entire week, we will pick up where we left off.  We will have the same spelling list as last week.  I will send another copy home tomorrow, just in case it has been lost.  All other subjects will be the same as well.


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