Cici’s Pizza Night

Monday September 17th is Cici’s Pizza Night for Seabourn at the 1200 E. Davis location.  10% of the proceeds will be donated to our school IF you mention Seabourn Elementary.  It is a great way to help our school and get some yummy pizza!  I will be having dinner there as well as several other teachers, so if you see us, please stop by our table and say hi.  Thanks for supporting our school!


Back to School!

Welcome to our class blog!  I will be attempting to use the blog to share with you things that are going on the the classroom, photos of fun lesson that we do, occasional videos, and just share information.  I know you get so many papers in their folders, so I am hoping that this will be an easy way for us to stay connected.  Be sure to check out the various tabs at the top of the page to get the full experience.  I will be sending a permission slip home so I will be able post those pictures and videos.

I am so excited to begin a new school year.  This year is proving to be one of the best yet.  I am overjoyed to be back with your kids for a second year in a row!  First grade is a year of great growth, probably the greatest growth.  You will see your child blossom and change in dramatic ways academically.

It was so wonderful to see some many of you last night at meet the teacher.  We had a terrific turnout.  I want to thank each of you that took the time to come and see our new classroom and talk about some of the changes for the new year.

For those of you that were not able to make it, let me share with you what is new for 1st grade.  While we have the same class, it is a new grade level and so there will be a few things that are different from last year.  One of the major differences is that this year students will be given real numerical grades.  No more C, P, or N’s on the report card.  This means a higher level of accountability for the students, myself, and for you guys.  It is really important to keep up with nightly reading logs, as this will be are part of your student’s reading grade.  The good news is that it is really the only regular homework there will be.  🙂  This year students will also have the added subject of spelling.  So there will be weekly spelling test that the kids will need to study for.  The spelling words will be given in the weekly newsletter.  I will also give a pre-test on Mondays, which will be sent home in Tuesday folders.  The words will be on there and you can see which ones they missed, so you can focus on those words.  We will continue to build on the knowledge and skills that we gained last year.

Please feel free to contact me any time you have a question, concern, or just want to share some information about your child.  I can be reached by phone during my conference period Monday through Friday from 12:00 to 12:45 or after school.  Email is also a fabulous way to connect and my email address is  I am looking forward to another fantastic year with your students!!