What’s New in the Classroom

Math – review for CBA and take CBA (Six Weeks Test)

Science – changes in sound & color

Social Studies – Wants versus needs

Reading Asking yourself questions while reading

Spelling – Beginning & ending sounds of the letters Qq, Xx, Yy, Vv, Ee For example, if I say, fun, /n/ is the sound at the end of the word.  So I would write the letter n on my paper.

Consonant blends:  short /e/ (en, et, ed)

pen, Ben, den, hen, men, pen, ten, bet, get, jet, let, net, pet, set, vet, wet, yet, bed, fed, ked, Ned, red, Ted, wed

Word Wall Wordssome, all, new, out, got, will, had, me, the, like, ask, if, here, did, said, put, into

Updated 9/16/12


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